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Does my child need braces?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

There are lots of reasons to get braces – some cosmetic and some not! The question that plagues most people is, how do I know if my child or I need them? Your general dentist is a great person to ask but just because your dentist hasn’t recommended it, it does not mean you wouldn’t benefit from braces.

If you are in doubt at all, most reputable orthodontists offer free consultations that can help you to decide! The American Association of Orthodontists even recommends you bring your child in for a consultation as early as 7 years old.


Here are some common reasons to get braces:

  • Crowding of Teeth - The teeth are overlapping, crowded, or crooked. Sometimes this can cause a tooth to grow in on top of the other or come in sideways, or teeth can protrude further than the others.

  • Too much space – There are large gaps between teeth or front teeth don't touch. This can throw off bite accuracy and affects jaw functioning. Pain when eating is one of the most common results.

  • Overbite or Under bite – This is when the lower front teeth are set too far back or too far forward. This causes chronic pain, speaking difficulty, and several other issues. Early correction can avoid more invasive and costly procedures later.

  • Improve your smile - Braces can improve so much more than how straight your teeth are. A qualified orthodontist can sculpt the curvature of your gum line or even control the width of your smile!


Some lesser-known reasons to get braces are:

  • Reduces the likelihood of cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay

  • Speech impediments

  • Jaw pain

  • Difficulty chewing and eating

  • Sleep apnea caused by mouth breathing and snoring

  • Grinding or clenching of the teeth

And one of the most important reasons to get braces is so you can SMILE!!! Braces can help you to become your best self and give you the confidence to smile!

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